What is DC Design Week ?

The creative community in DC is an ever-growing body of professionals, makers, and voices working across disciplines. Hosted and produced by AIGA DC, DC Design Week is an annual celebration of that community.

DCDW2020: Your Creative Voices

We get it. People around the country hear “DC” and they immediately imagine lobbyists on Capitol Hill and buttoned-up professionals with offices on K Street. But those of us who live here know we’re so much more than that.

This year’s DC Design Week will challenge that misperception by elevating the creative energy that flows through the DMV. Your energy. We’re here to show the world that we — the people who call DC and the DMV home — are so much more diverse, vibrant, and innovative than anyone can imagine.

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We’re looking for sponsors who can help ensure every event is as accessible and inclusive as possible, whether through donations or in-kind gifts. If you’re interested in partnering with DC Design Week this year, let us know.

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DCDW 2020 Committee

DC Design Week is planned by a committee of volunteers who plan each event, do all the outreach, and more. We’re so grateful for their contributions.

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